© Chris King — chriskingphotography.com

The responsibility we have for the waste we produce in our homes goes beyond separating it and throwing it in bins for collection, and it’s time we recognised that.

© Chris King — chriskingphotography.com

How the impact of our diet is less about what we eat, and more about how it was produced.

High-welfare meat on display at Morley Butchers, London — © Chris King

For tree planting to have the necessary impact on mitigating climate change we must also preserve the trees that already populate our woods and line our streets.

Trees for Cities volunteers planting 5,000 trees in East London — Image: © Chris King

We are in a geological epoch defined by human impact — the Anthropocene. What we do with that knowledge will shape the world forever.

Image: © Chris King — https://chriskingphotography.com

We all have a role to play when it comes to the issue of food waste — even what occurs outside of the household — but how do we take action against something we cannot always see?

How much significance do you attribute to the best before date? And why do you trust it as an indicator of freshness?

Some forward-thinking individuals are turning food that might otherwise go to waste, into a source of revenue — here’s why…

Chris King

Documentary storyteller focusing on issues related to climate change and the food system

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